A long time ago, a fair maiden from Belfast set out on a voyage to cross the Irish Sea and seek her fortune.  

Little did she know that her fortune would come in the form of a dashing gentleman from Kent when she arrived at the place where many prince and princesses have met... the FCA.

The dashing gentleman first spoke to the fair maiden when he rescued her from the most unfortunate of circumstances... not knowing how to use her work locker.

That set in motion a string of events that have led us to where we are today.  Many a plan was made for them to get married in 2020 however, someone decided to eat a bat and cause chaos across the world. Therefore, by royal decree, the wedding was postponed until the following year. 


On 20th May 2021, they will be getting married and have invited select kings, queens, presidents/prime ministers, first ladies and men (trying to be as inclusive as possible here) to the tying of their knot.

We hope you can attend!